Rosemary Hollinshead Ladies Singles K.O. Competition

This was held on Friday 4 July starting at 6.00 p.m.

The draw was randomly made for the 15 ladies entered.

The first and second rounds saw some very close games with some really good bowling.

In the first semi final Pat soon gained a good lead on Sylvia who struggled to match her excellent bowling.

In the second semi final Carole had a poor start with Helen putting up some great leads that she couldn’t match.

The first part of the final was close, going to 10 across then 11 across, but then Pat sped away to eventually win 21-13, finishing with 2 very close woods to wrap it up.

Many thanks to all the players for taking part and to everyone who helped with scoring and measuring. Thanks also to supporters who gave great encouragement to the bowlers throughout the competition.

Thanks should also go to Carole Hornsby who organised the event.