Singles Round Peg Competition

This was held on Sunday 18 May starting at 10.30 a.m.

We were blessed with a fabulous sunny, warm day.

The draw was randomly made for the 17 players and each player had 3 round robin matches where the computer kept track of the cumulative score differences.

Before the final stages began we had a fund raiser game of ‘Peg in the Box’ where players had to bowl round peg across the edge of the green into an open box. This proved thoroughly entertaining and even though it didn’t raise a lot of cash (because 3 very inconsiderate players actually got it into the box to win £3 each!!) it was great fun.

The 4 players with the highest positive cumulative differences then went forward to the semi-finals.

These were keenly contested by Roy Shallcross and Mick Bate in the 1st semi-final and by Keith and Julie Burgess in the 2nd semi-final.

Both matches gave displays of high quality bowling where Mick Bate and Julie Burgess had well deserved victories to win through to the final.

The final was a thrilling game in which the advantage went to and fro, with Mick Bate just gaining the final edge.

Food and drink was provided by the ladies which raised £50.10 towards the roof repair fund.  Many thanks for their sterling work and donations of food.  A raffle was also held which raised a further £24.00. Many thanks to all members who donated raffle prizes.

The event overall raised £114.60 towards the roof repair fund (fees, game, raffle and refreshments).