Trophy Winners 2014



Averages Winner

Congleton League “A” Team

Graham Slack

Congleton League “B” Team

Roy Shallcross

Congleton League “C” Team

Helen Page

Cong. Vets  League “A” Team

Mick Bate

Cong. Vets  League “B” Team

Denis Preece

Thursday Parks League Team

Tony Myatt

Saturday Parks League Team

Keith Burgess

Saturday Mixed League Singles

Caitlin Austin

Saturday Mixed League Doubles

Carole Hornsby

Holmes Chapel League Team

Ian Wood

Newcastle League Team

Graham Slack

Staffordshire Ladies League “A” Team

Nancy Walker

Staffordshire Ladies League “B” Team

Dawn Dundas

Junior League Team

Caitlin Austin

Ladies League

Division 5 Winners

Team (Captain Ann Pye)

Newcastle League

Division 1 Winners

Team (Captain Keith Burgess)

Burgess Cup Winners

Team (Captain Keith Burgess)

Saturday Mixed League

Division 2 Runner-Up

Team (Captain Carole Hornsby)

Thursday Parks

Division 3 Winners

Team (Captain Tony Myatt)

Congleton Vets League

Division B Winners

Team (Captain Irene Gavin)

Club Competitions


Runner(s) Up

Round Peg (VKBC)

Mick Bate

Julie Burgess

Mens Singles (Gerard Quinn)

Keith Burgess

Neville Rowe

Mens Doubles

Jim Mountford / Mick Bate

Keith Burgess / Neville Rowe

Mixed Doubles (Roy Archer Cup)

Tony Myatt / Ann Pye

Roy Shallcross / Carole Hornsby

Ladies Singles (Walter Brown Shield)

Caitlin Austin

Tina Raine

Ladies Doubles (VKSC Cup)

Nancy Walker / Sylvia Smith

Carole Hornsby / Caitlin Austin

Rose Hollinshead Ladies Singles

Pat Blake

Helen Page

Rose Hollinshead Ladies Doubles

Carole Hornsby / Ann Higgs

Ann Pye / Sylvia Smith

Junior 1 Knockout

Leanne Evans

Junior Open Trophy

Leanne Burgess

Leanne Evans

1. The first table shows which player had the best scoring average for each team over the 2014 season in leagues that they were playing in.

2. The middle table shows the great success the club has had in leagues during 2014. Many thanks to ALL players taking part.

In the Ladies League the team under the captaincy of Ann Pye won Division 5 overall and will now be promoted to Division 4 in 2015.  Well done!!

In the Newcastle League the team under the captaincy of Keith Burgess won Division 1 overall in 2014.  In addition the team also won the Burgess Cup team knockout competition in the league – a great achievement yet again.

In the Saturday Mixed League the team under the captaincy of Carole Hornsby came second overall in Division 2  and will be promoted to Division 1 in 2015 - Well Done!!

In the Stoke-on-Trent Thursday Parks League the team under the captaincy of Tony Myatt won Division 3 overall and will now be promoted to Division 2 in 2015.

In the Congleton Vets League the ‘A’ team under the captaincy of Irene Gavin won Division B by a clear 50 points and will now be promoted to Division A in 2015 - Well Done!!

3. The final table shows club competitions that were played during the 2014 season and who won each competition.

Congratulations to all winners and particularly to Keith Burgess in winning the Mens Singles in 2013 and 2014.